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Alysia Tromblay

Assisting in your journey along the path for sacred discovery and essential healing



Awakening your awareness to your relationship with the hylozoic heart within the field


 Alysia Tromblay
        and the work of


 Vox Topography

Greetings and thank you for visiting this website to learn more about my work!

Many of you who find your way here arrive so at the recommendation of a friend or family member. And in many ways, their experience and stories of how the work of Vox Topography has served to assist in their unfolding is the best way to begin to understand what it is I teach and how I go about doing so.
As a songwriter, and a lover of prose and poetry, words and their flow, frequency and its vibrational medicine moves me to do what I do. Generating expanded consciousness and awakening the human heart, opening our perception and taking action become the pathway to manifesting a life of purpose, dignity and grace.

The 'Whole is greater than the sum of its parts'...indeed.
To be humane is to enter into the alchemical process of becoming human. To become humane we must be willing to have our hearts break open again and again, and in turn live to practice "the how" to remerge into expanding perception of a world with willingness.
A willingness to feel what we once thought as having been broken, irreparable, and instead choose to love it all with the all of what we

truly are, with profound dignity and an evolving and ever-growing sense of what it means to be whole. 
To transform our suffering is to enter into it with the eyes and ears as an awakening heart, and to be willing to witness and perceive and experience beyond the veil of what was separate, personal.
Our journey to wholeness begins and ends with radical empathy for all that is within the ancestral, cultural and planetary realms for the sake of all sentient beings.
This is healing. This is prayer made visible.

This is holding on for dear life and loving this precious world with everything we have to give and everything we are willing to receive. This is breathing in and filling our lungs with an overwhelming awareness that we are a collective living expression of immeasurable inhales and exhales, atomic, sub, quark, and quantum particles and waves within the visible and invisible realms of all that was, is, and can be. The task then is to awaken for the sake of the whole, as all is alive within every single moment of our exquisite, floundering, flailing, fledging, and only by the grace of all which has come before, precious life we call our own.

One of the greatest environmental activist authors of our time,
Terry Tempest Williams writes it best.

"Perhaps the wilderness we fear is the pause between our own heartbeats, the silent space that says we live only by grace.
Wilderness lives by this same grace. 

Wild mercy is in our hands."

Looking forward to listening with you...

With waterblessings and gratitude,

Alysia Tromblay





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  "To put a world right in order,
    we must first put a nation in order,
    to put a nation in order,
    we must first put a family in order,
    we must first cultivate our personal life;
    we must first set our heart right"-



"Waking up is not a selfish pursuit of happiness, it is a revolutionary stance,
from the 
inside out,
for the benefit of all beings in existence."-
                                Noah Levine


"To know who we are,
we must know the people who came before us.
Not just their dates of birth and death,
but how they lived."

                                                            -Joan Morris

"All souls come here to rub
the sharp edges off each other.
This isn't suffering, it's erosion"-

                               Chuck Palahnuik



     "Filled with glints of light,
           we are the space between the fish
           and the moon."-  Rumi

Benoit's Lesson:

Find the things you love

and follow it with all of your heart.

What you are following

may not be clear,

but if you persist

you will find it

and when you do 

you will wake up.

Follow your curiousity

your passion

wherever it leads.

Whether you find a new world

or a new snowflake,

it doesn't so much matter.

Like fractals,

life is better understood

as a process than as a result.

Benoit. B. Mandelbrot, father of fractal math

"How many adventures

within our own lives have we taken

that actually have been
unfinished journeys
of those who have walked before us?

To lose sight of a single thread,

is to lose hold of an essential spark

within the web of Creation.

Life involves a quality of "doubling back"

in a process where memory

becomes weaver becoming unraveled

re-tuning all into the harmonics of equanimity 

breathing breath

breathing you

into the dark

the space between the stars

to bathe in light perceived in every direction

as we turn turn and re-turn 

back into the Holy Waters of Nun

                                    Alysia Tromblay

It has been said that wild salmon returning home to fresh waters from the sea are able to find their place of origin by smell. Swimming by way of dreaming, ceasing to eat, these late fall waters are filled with what are called ghost fish. These creatures expend every last bit of energy of all they are to make their way back home. Traveling upstream, against current after current, obstacle and predator to come back to source. Many upon many never make it back, and yet there are those who impossibly do. Often without eyes, or dorsal fins, they swim with startling devotion, immeasurably determined while their fleshy form bares the song of their journey by way of gashes and holes, places bitten and chewed. Their bodies still continuously morphing into humped backs, contorting their jaws, turning scales of silver into flame red skin as they continue along ancient waterways for hundreds of miles from salt, to brackish, to finally reaching their cool birthwaters of home. Astonishingly, it is said they make their way by following the trace fragrances still lingering in these waters of their long ago decayed mother's body. As she had journeyed years ago the same journey of her mother to lay her eggs to be fertilized by a valiant male, these returning wild salmon swim and drift, surge and float within this ancient cycle of dreaming ghost time, all to lay and fertilize these watery reed-lined shores once again, and with the same ardor the ancestors who found their way home for the sake of an ancient, future rising did on behalf of their sake. After a female salmon spawns, she simply falls upon these precious pearls and fades into them as the ghost fish she has become. And when the eggs hatch, her nutrient rich body becomes part of the whole ecosystem, fertilizing the waters with needed sustenance for all.

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