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Spiritual Counseling

The power of being witnessed and heard...

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 175 US dollars
  • Little Bear Creek Road

Service Description

During our time together in person or on the phone, my role is to listen and reflect. I have learned from my early years as a child, so much of what we say we don't mean, and much of what we want to say we are reluctant to reveal. Consider if you will, we have two different nervous systems within our being, with alternate capacities to hear in-between the spaces of a word, including a whole lot of them put together in the form of a sentence, paragraph, story, etc... Each system’s perception will take us on profoundly different journeys, often either away from, or into, wholeness. The sympathetic will react to what it "thinks" is happening or has happened, from its' point of view and encodes an event into a construct of time as something fixed and relatively absolute, finding anecdotes and justifications, to support and maintain its' view. Trauma and injury initially generate a sympathetic reaction and as such have the consequence of overlaying upon the present, taking on substance, weight, density and thus an overall gravity, giving the appearance of the trauma or pain as being paramount. The parasympathetic system on the other hand, opens our heart centered vision, more akin to pedals of a lotus flower, each perceiving sensorially, utilizing our five senses as an integrated whole within the present. Our experience moves away from chronological time, moving into spaciousness; dream-like, morphic and fluid. Our perception becomes unfixed, expanding into a panoramic heartland, re-tuning separation back into the fold. The sublime nature of our being awakens, taking action for the sake of re-pairing, and ultimately dissolving what appears as lost, neglected, or harmed through injury or trauma, back into the sacredness of the whole. It is within this state of wholeness the body mind spirit soul connection is restored, contemplation and empathy are generated and profound healing occurs on all levels. In any a session I listen within the field of all the resonances, within all the words you chose to convey, listening for the hidden until something is revealed, for the sake of resolution, allowing itself to be witnessed. Our sessions can offer profound insights, clarifications, direction, reassurance, discernment, broader perception and perspectives. You are able to gain deeper courage, compassion, and strength to meet what ever is happening within your life with an ever-deepening sense of heart awakening grace.

Contact Details

  • 19921 Little Bear Creek Road, Woodinville, WA, USA


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