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Dear reader and fellow pilgrim on the path to awakening,​


Imagine your body tended and responded to as temple, your soul greeted, received, and acknowledged with gratitude as conduit for the mystical resonance of the Divine, along with inspiration, re-orienting your mind to return and abide within the heart of your parasympathetic nervous system. 
Now imagine your true essence as Cosmic Breath, vibrant and radiant, a spiraling force ever-evolving and morphic. A fierce and merciful force, re-absorbing, re-turning dissolving all that is, was, and will be as pure heart; paradoxical and resonantly symphonic in its' expression of radical compassion and empathy for all that is.


What is lost is found, separate is repaired, wounded is healed.

And  you may find yourself asking, what actually does this mean?


To begin, it means for you learning how to generate power to transform will into willingness, that in turn, engenders an ability to practice experiencing your life abiding within a greater resonant field of grace, possibility, balance, purposefulness, and ultimately wholeness. 

It as well means you'll have more capacity to love than you may be aware of your ability to express, enhancing your power to become deeply humane for the sake of all sentient beings, including you, your family,

your ancestral field and reverberating beyond into the Heart of all that Is.

The work I offer embraces a vision that aims to assist a client in their process of developing their awareness and relationship to their Cosmic Nature for the sake of healing your whole being, visible and invisible, personal and ancestral to such an extent as to cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Whether it be through hands on healing, spiritual counseling or workshops devoted to expressing and experiencing the mystical nature of the human voice as an alchemical instrument for conscious awakening, what becomes paramount to all such endeavors is the pursuit of practices that assist in restoring and re-integrating our Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul connection on behalf of and for the Heart of all that is.
To become rooted in the rich soil of such living awareness becomes the pathway for true healing to occur. 

Aristole is attributed with the axiom, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. 
The Cosmic Heart, the Mystery, the Divine Feminine principle,

the Primordial Waters of Nun…
so many ways to express the nature of the Cosmic Whole. 
Let us consider how temporal our lifespan’s existence is within the depth and breath of Creation. 

We enter and exit upon gossamer dream threads of Vishnu, like rainwater swirling within undulating currents

as a winged feathered thing holding on for dear life as the journey begins upon the wild breath
of a May Day morning- all to experience what is charted only within the soul of the heart.

What if we were to consider that within our temporal expression our existence is something more akin to being somewhere between here and yet not, then as we depart, not really fully gone, yet are. 

More to the point, our essential nature is always alive and living in perpetuity between the veils,

yet encompassing infinite permutations of living expressions, perpetually coming into, and out of focus, endowed with capacities for imagining and manifesting our temporal, localized, and expressed visible form, all the while congruently existing non-locally within the space between the whole Cosmic uni-verses.

All are expressed as spirals of consciousness dreaming and awakening, in need of being re-membered

all the while in the presence of forgetting,
in a never-ending opportunity to re-turn back into and out of formation, for the sake of the dance of the paradoxical relationship between particle and wave, manifesting for the sake of the whole.

And all for the simple chance as we learn in Moulin Rouge, "just to be love and to be loved in return." 

And as if we needed more on our plate, as we consider we have the ability to reason and discern and thus have capacity to ponder deeply the nature of our reality as temporal, there arises an ethical imperative 

to make use of our time here on earth while we are still visible enough to enact a quality of true awakening. 
Ahhh, it sounds so simple. And truly it is.

And it takes every cell of our being to awaken into the consciousness of such a reality.

As our spiritual practices evolve, so too do the layered multitude of internal and external distractions

and resistances proportionately dissolve.

What is revealed is the Heart of Awakening, and it is naked in its truth.

With that said, we are always beginning. Humility along the path is our compass.
So let us begin with considering the nature of suffering. 

As we all have experienced, pain and trauma are powerful forces to contend with. 
Both have the ability to initiate reaction from the sympathetic nervous system, that in turn is activated to sort, separate, name and isolate what the heck just happened. It scans instinctually for information, contorting a sense of interconnectedness away from the whole to search and locate the problem. Energy in the form of attention is diverted away from the unified field and instead is directed towards isolating the volatile event, adding veracity to the idea of “something” having just happened. In turn such focus of energy is amplified and in doing so justifies the requiring of immediate action.

More energy is diverted to help name and define even further what the event was that occurred and voila!
We have left the labyrinth and entered into maze of the Minotaur.
Any and all realms of our existence experience trauma and pain, even realms existing beyond the physical.


What is essential to contemplate is when suffering is experienced as separate from the whole, it becomes like a whirl within its own mind, expressing as energy entranced by its own reflection, and constantly reinvigorated by the energy gained by our own friction generated from the event’s impact upon the field of experience as something separate from the whole. Even as the memory of an initial event fades the pattern of them remains, “like traces of perfume in an empty bottle,” to quote Jill Purce.
 Without the practice of authentic discernment, such disturbances if not addressed continue to draw life force from the present moment in order to maintain this "new" adaptive, subjective construct of what has become "real" to it. As such patterns are not dissolved and re-integrated into the whole through various healing modalities, the patterns obfuscate what is at the heart of the matter,

obscuring the origin of the true nature of the suffering.


The patterns of pain and suffering continue to seek validation for their limited dimensional existence by conscripting quite often our emotions, all in the name of gaining sustenance.

And as the suffering is compounded by the addition of collective forces seen and unseen, cultural and ancestral resonances find a suitable harbor to come home to port.

It stands to reason therefore, that suffering is within the natural weave of the overall experience and expression of what it means to be alive. 

Finding and distilling what is at the heart of the nature of the suffering within the dissonance is key. 


The heart and the parasympathetic system entwined perceive with a 360 degree vantage perspective. It is not constrained within chronological time considerations. Everything that ever was and will be unfolds and exists within an immeasurable vast wave where the breath of the Primordial, the Magnum Mysterium, the Amen, the Gichi-Manitoo, the endless names of the unseen that is ever present within the vortex of the moment of now. 100,000 years, 15 B.C, 40 A.D. or 2070 are all present as frequency unfolding in the moment of now. And within such a moment, hidden is revealed, lost is found, neglected is adored, balance is restored to its beloved, wave and particle entwine as a deeper way of perceiving, avails itself in resonant lushness, poignant arrays of the interconnected nature of all human suffering for the sake of experiencing love and to love in return.

Always always are we and all else that is, a paradoxical prayer made visible as one persons trash is another persons treasure- we are expressions of petitions across the ages from unseen lips, living within the milieu of resonances and multi-generational patterns and the sublime. 


So you wish to see me because you sprained your ankle, have an illness, your relationship needs guidance,

or you voice feels small and withheld? 

I might begin by asking the ankle, where were you going? What feels ill, what is the nature of the suffering within the relationship, whose voice do you hear within yours?

Our life is full of resonant envoys,

all waiting to be heard, discerned, filtered, polished, dissolved or realized.

Listening deeply within the field is the ardent practice of any healer.
Teaching you how to do so is Vox Topography.
Your voice as instrument for awakening your life as you traverse the terrain of your inner and outer worlds.


Vox Topography becomes a pathway whereby heart perception is championed, and actions are generated out
of such perception that harness the mystical nature of sound and frequency, resonance and finally our human voice as an instrument to regard and connect with the web of life for the sake of healing and communion.
The All that Is, envelops the emanations arising out of the morphic field of ancestral, epigenetic memory as one living organism. To undertake such a path acknowledges these considerations, and as such begins to regard trauma and/or what ails us being comprised and compounded by a culminating result of resonant imbalances, existing as and within this field of resonant memory, as a hologram of semi-fixed energy, extending out of what has been, as what exists as unresolved, across a time space continuum. And as we are the living expression of all that has come before, we have the profound potential to offer what we call now, our awakening heart, to experience, to witness the nature of the suffering with the heart of compassion.
Such a vortex of wild mercy generates radical empathy that in turn through the alchemical process of perceiving non-judgmentally what appears as separate, mystically initiates the dissolving of the appearance back 

into the cosmic embrace of the hylozoic heart.

So in essence, if you are reading this, you are alive in this present time and as such, your moment to offer what is now, has come. “Tag, you're it, and what your ancestral resonant field has been waiting for.”

What becomes salient as we perceive illness and trauma, is to witness these disturbances within in a larger field of perception as symptomatic messengers, disembodied moments suspended in time, re-sounding their sonic part within our surrounding epigenetic field.

What ails us, ails the many. As it suffers, we suffer. As we heal, so heals the whole. 
Understanding this interconnectedness is what I refer to as the hylozoic heart.

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