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Hands on Healing

Restoring integrity to your Mind-Body-Spirit with healing energies

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Little Bear Creek Road

Service Description

Our Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul integrity is maintained by the presence of Cosmic life force expressed as Cosmic breath being breathed throughout our physical and non-physical reality. This force is inextricably linked to our heart, both as an organ and within metaphysical considerations, the Chakra of Awakening. Traumas effecting a person emotionally, physically, soul and or spiritually, deeply affect how this energy is received and flows. Energy healing assists in the restoration of the integrity of this flow, generating balance throughout the systems, by ultimately invigorating them to re-member as one. Energy healing as a modality accesses the etheric realm, the invisible cosmic template responsible for the manifestation of the human being expressed as a continuum; 
Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul. Our visible body is thus, the Breath of Creation made visible. A healer’s role is to become a conduit on behalf of the client for Cosmic Breath to flow through and transfer into them. Injuries, traumas, and illness are symptomatic of the disruption of the flow of this breath. All are emanations of moments having once occurred within the continuum. Disruptions of flow happen all the time within a life, with a majority resolving within the natural unfolding of human existence.Yet when the sympathetic system is disrupted without being tended to holistically, they take on characteristics of contortions, becoming visible in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Appearances begin to gain energy from the whole, disrupting our connection to Cosmic life force. Our awareness to the whole diminishes, and migrates away from a sense of wholeness and proceeds to dwell in the diaspora of distortions such illusion generate. Thus, addressing the system as a whole is crucial for healing on all levels to occur, and for a life to awaken. 
Virtually any condition can benefit from receiving energy treatments re-connecting us back into the restorative breath of cosmic life force. A few examples of conditions that benefit greatly from energy healing are: Birth trauma, and birth itself-Mother and child, head and body injuries, sport injuries, emotional and ancestral trauma, addiction, sleep disorders, anxiety, surgical procedures, pre and post-Supporting the process of receiving immunotherapy treatments General support to any on-going spiritual practice

Contact Details

  • 19921 Little Bear Creek Road, Woodinville, WA, USA


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