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Awakening Voice

Do you desire to feel more at home within the sound of you? 
This workshop is designed to facilitate just that and more...

Each of our voices is an organic, living, breathing instrument endowed with the capacity to inspire and transform every aspect within how we relate to our daily life. 

Our voice in particular, has the potential to transform sorrow into joy, separateness into community and curse into blessing. Within the fabric of any sound emanating from us,

we are communicating to those who are listening, patterns of vibrations unique to us.

Just like our fingerprints, no two voice prints are the same. 

These voice prints are made up of something called harmonics, or overtones, emanating as frequencies and resonances that generate and maintain our relationships to what was,
is and may become.
Within them live our thoughts, dreams and desires,
as well as those that are residual resonances from our DNA.

Beginning to listen deeply and to discern what it is we are truly saying and what we are truly meaning to convey is the pathway to finding what your true voice is.

Ancient cultures throughout the world understood the power of sound, and incorporated the mystical nature of it within the daily fabric of their lives. 

Trauma and illness can deeply effect our ability to maintain our harmony and resonance within ourselves, thus influencing our relationships with others and our world.

Trauma is a frequency of experience that when occurs has the potential to disturb
and effect the integrity

of our interconnected relationship to ourselves. This manifests

internally and as well as extending immeasurably outwardly.

Yet, as we begin to understand the nature of trauma and the subsequent suffering it can generate, we have choices in how we relate to the experience of trauma.

And as we consider sound, like water, being a master of erosion
in countless ways, how might the principles of erosion,
of distillation be applied consciously

to effect transmutation of our very trauma and subsequent suffering?
Words generate and carry power.
Words are powerful because of the vowels that live in the space
between the consonants.

Vowels are what make any word, sing.

As a result,words have the capacity to generate and as well,
dissolve habitual, inherited sound prints and patterns
we have within our life
 that no longer serve in ways that engender compassion
and empathy for ones own self and our world at large. 

To be able to re-tune to our true essential nature, 

allowing us to respond without
re-enacting what was,

serves to facilitate our ability to restore harmony with the heart of all that is
past, present and potential. 

Such sonorous recalibration is crucial for any life to be able to blossom into its potential, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

These workshops are intended to inspire and regenerate our awareness

to the ancient power of sound,
and how it is truly the resonating cosmic thread keeping us woven

profoundly in relationship to the visible and invisible realms of our magnificent world. 

Restoring the integrity of our voice is undeniably the main source for generating humane,
compassion for all sentient beings, including you.

These images are from the ancient Egyptian complex at Saqqara. 

This particular chamber is part of the Healing Sound Temple...
I had the rare opportunity to

explore chanting overtones into one of the chambers, how exciting!

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