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Helping Remote Bon Villages

We are currently trying to raise $3,000.oo to help finish what is to be a mill from the villagers in the remote village of Torpa in Humla. Torpa is a three hour walk along steep mountainous foot trails from Simikot. The pictures below show the kind of mill the villagers are in need of having built in their village. In order to polish rice or to press apricot or walnuts to extract their rich oils, villagers must currently carry by hand or by pony their harvests along treacherous terrain to this mill in Simikot. 
Tsering Palden Lama, who as a young boy was able to receive schooling far away at Menri Monastery in Dolangi, India, returned as a young man to his homeland village in Torpa in order to preserve the way of his people. Now as father of a young daughter, he understands the future of Humla and its ancient culture depends upon sustainability. He has asked for our help to raise the last it of resources needed in order to purchase the machines and arrange for the costly transport of having them flown into Simikot. 
The nut oils and polished rice represent some of the main stay crops grown within this mountainous region, providing the various neighboring regions or regions of Kathmandu and beyond with such exquisite quality goods. To witness the immense amount of human energy it takes to produce these relatively small batches of exceptional goods inspires any to appreciate and respect deeply the reality of what it takes to grow anything of quality truly by hand. To contribute to their sustainability, please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount. Simply use the contact information below. Thank you!



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