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  A Little Background Regarding My Training


As well as being a avid gardener, partner and mother of three growing children, I offer 35 years of professional service helping people discover, pursue, heal, and cultivate a more loving and empowered connection to life in its fullness! My focus is working directly with the voice, body, soul, and mind
as an instrument for enlightenment and compassion for the sake of all sentient beings.
My formal training began as a very young child in Ohio, under the tutelage of Egyptian Coptic Masters Hamid Bey and Kurt Stanley. How all such came to pass is a story for another time. 
The training I received alongside others, involved many areas including auric reading, nutrition, meditation, healing with sound, focusing energy and the use of Cosmic Principles and their application to daily living. Spiritual Laws regarding Reincarnation,Consequence, the Right Use for Will,
the Power of Mind,Cosmic Consciousness, 
and finally our relationship to our breath and our Kundalini, became my foundation for personal and professional growth.  

As an adult,I studied in NYC with many different wonderful healers and mediums, as well as renowned vocal teachers, Bill Schuman and Catherine Green. Both helped in the training of my vocal instrument post college. Subsequently after a near-death experience at 26, my life was profoundly guided to become immersed in 7 years of study into the art and ceremonies regarding hands on healing and energy medicine with the renowned Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. 

A restless passion to understand more deeply the esoteric nature of sound in its’ application for healing led me to England where I began an apprenticeship with sound pioneer Jill Purce. With our respective modalities ultimately influencing each other, we worked together for many years as a team, combining energy healing ceremonies within the sonorous embrace of mantra, and the sublime nature of vocal harmonics to assist individuals within the context of the larger group field of retreat participants in rituals involving the healing of ancestral lineages as it relates to epigenetic fields.
After making a pilgrimage in 1991 to the Menri Bon Monastery in Dolangi India, a deep abiding connection and friendship began with the late Menriwa Trizin, 33rd Abbot of Bon.The vital spiritual culture of Bon, their philosophy, mantric practices, ritual, meditation and explorations of the true Nature of Mind truly felt like a coming home. In 2006, I was consequently ordained as a Genyan by His Holiness and received my initiatory name of Sherab Wangmo. Working with clients, their families and ultimately their ancestral fields of origin, is one of the greatest joys I could have ever imagined for the unfoldment of my life path to experience. Helping people find health, well-being and their place in the weave of the Cosmic Web is what Vox Topography is  all about.

 Sound and the Magic that Lives Within 

Learn to experience the power of harmonics or overtones that live within and surround the sound that is our life and world.
The sound of you is the key to opening your life to a deep sense of grace, 
healing, purpose and wholeness...


 Awakening your awareness to your relationship with the hylozoic heart within the field


Opening to the hylozoic heart
       becoming who we be


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