Listening for your song within the heart of our world:

 With Alysia Tromblay and the work of Vox Topography

    Awakening to and discovering the sacred journey that is your life

This day workshop is for those who yearn to have deeper connections
with familiar people and yet to be known,
with places and spaces and all the immeasurably seemingly random moments 

of happenstances we encounter on a daily basis.

What if there was another way to perceive, allowing for what appears to be so,

to actually be more than what it seems to be, 

and in turn could begin to generate a quality of perception, and thus experience,

 where what we think we are experiencing, and what we feel is happening
could in truth be part of a sacred pathway to wholeness and profound healing for all?

Come and join in sacred circle and sound, deep listening and presence, discovering
and finding panoramic perception into the heart of the life you have been given!


Sunday, March 1st, 2020 -10:00am to 4:00pm  Cost:$120.00
  19921 Little Bear Creek Rd. Woodinville, WA 98072

A simple yet delicious lunch of soup and bread will be provided

Space is limited: to reserve a space or find out more,
please contact me below.

Waterblessings to you,


Alysia Tromblay

19921 Little Bear Creek Rd.

Woodinville, WA. 98072


To contact me, just fill out the handy contact form to the right, or the black box on the bottom portion of your screen and I will get right back to you!


Waterblessings to you,


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