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We can simply champion one another by taking action

for the sake of all sentient beings

The idea becomes quite simple.
Five western women gathered in the principle of the Sacred Feminine

One female student who has graduated
and has been accepted into a program of her choice
and pledges to pursue her higher education. 

A willingness
on the part of the five western women, as an expression of a living principle
to make an investment of $360.00 per year, a collective total of 1,800 per year to be offered
to a female student for the sole purpose of attending a two or four year program of higher education.

 A female who will receive an education to mend the whole, to become what will help to sustain a culture, to bring forth the future in all forms of creativity, to inspire a future, envision a future, dream a future
and make manifest the possibility
 for a sustainable future allowing for ancient wisdom to flourish
within the modern days unfolding.

The five western women in turn, who are championing a young woman for the sake of future

will know that on behalf of your ancestors, for all the blessings and sufferings of it all, you are able
to be a champion on behalf of your own life, and are in turn, being championed by one another,

and all those who came before you. 
We are all here on behalf of what came before, and if it, in all its permutations had not ever been,

then neither would you be.

The female student will know that she is a part of an ancient river from the other side of the world,

the ancient waters of ancestors that circle the world as one ocean of humanity.
A wheel of receiving and giving and giving and receiving for the sake of the heart of all that is.

If you would like to become part of this worthy endeavor, please email me for more information.

Yours in Bon,

Alysia Tromblay


The Bon Future Fund, Inc.


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